Need to Secure
Your Cloud?

Dark Wolfe Consulting can help shield your organization from attacks. Strategies include Vulnerability Scanning, Application Security (SSDLC), Penetration Testing, Configuration Management(CM) and strategic partnerships with leading and cutting edge cloud security providers. We can assist in your organizations secure conversion to the cloud.

Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

DWC is able to provide specialized and commercialized network security assessments, vulnerability assessments, network penetrating testing, application assessment and application penetration testing. DWC also has specialized tools for performing these types of assesments in the industrial, banking and commericially regulated spaces.

Malware Analysis, Email Attatchment Analysis, Customized Honeypots

DWC will provide basic or advanced analysis of any binaries an org is concerned about. Further, we can help capture the binaries that may be targeted to your organization.

DWC, In business for over 4 years.

Dark Wolfe Consulting has been working with companies from the US and Indochina for over four years. We work with small banks, small industrial plants and manufacturers, financial institutions and assist in upgrading and validating their security posture.

penetration testing

Network security is paramount today.
Dont get left behind.

  • Dark Wolfe Consulting can work with your organization to assist in your cloud migration.
  • We can help properly secure your cloud infrastructure and help validate the configuration and operation of network tools.
  • We can provide multiple scans per year for a firm fixed price to be performed at your convenience.
  • We have pay as you go pricing structures.
  • We can customize testing for your infrastructure and budgets.

cloud security

Training in all aspects of
organizational security.

  • CEH
  • Security Architecture
  • Specific Appliances
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Assessments
  • JIRA
  • ICS
  • Honeypots
  • Industrial Security
  • and more

cloud security